What They’re Saying

Feedback from a few of our Breaking In attendees:

“It was an absolute pleasure! I’m not exaggerating when I say I enjoyed every aspect of the weekend and truly appreciate the work that everyone put in to make it happen. I have no doubts that this program with flourish, as I imagine the other participants enjoyed it as greatly as I have.”

“I had a wonderful time at the camp. It was worth it to come 3,000 miles–I learned a lot and feel more confident about going into the media and entertainment industry. I hope this camp continues to develop and becomes an annual event that more people will have the opportunity to attend.”

Breaking In was a fantastic overall experience and the 1-on-1 relationships built were incredibly beneficial. The “college” environment was great too. Going away and staying overnight allowed us to really engage in the experience and focus our full attention. The faculty assembled was very appropriate for the dynamic. Everyone was fairly laid back, approachable, and genuinely wanted to help each of the students more than anything else.”

“I’ve been to several “networking” and “how to get a job” events within the last year or so, but this was by far the best. The 1-on-1 relationships that each of you took the time to build with each of the students was incredibly beneficial for us. I could go on for a long time about the positive lessons from the trip.”

” … the faculty took time out of their busy schedules to impart real world wisdom and experiences .”