For Students

It’s easier to get where you want to go if you follow in the footsteps of those who have already gotten there. That’s why at Breaking In you’ll hear nothing but first hand experiences and advice from people who already have successful and rewarding careers in Media & Entertainment.

What kind of work they do…the lives they live…what they studied…which internships and extra-curricular activities they found most helpful…and maybe best of all…what they wished they had done when they were your age.

Each session of Breaking In will feature senior faculty who have achieved elite levels in the Media & Entertainment business, and they will be joined by our junior faculty who will be young men and women who have recently graduated college, found jobs and are building careers in the business.

And you’ll meet and interact with these ambitious and accomplished professionals in roundtable discussions and panels, where you can ask the questions you want answered…what kind of work they do…how it shapes their lives and relationships…how well do they get paid…which parts of the business offer high growth for the future. Best of all, they’ll share with you how they prepared for their careers…where they went to school…what they studied…and what they wished they had done when they were your age.

As you get ready to make some of these same decisions…some of the most important of your young lives…get off to a good start and follow in the footsteps of successful professionals who have already arrived.