BREAKING IN…Spotlight on Comics

Comics have experienced explosive and transformative growth in recent years. Once a sleepy publishing business that catered to a small group of hardcore fans, it’s now a  global colossus whose characters generate billions of dollars in blockbuster films, animated and live television shows, video games, online gaming and licensing.

At this year’s Breaking In Spotlight on Comics, you’ll hear how the modern comic industry creates its characters as multi-product, entertainment platforms designed for an international audience.  You’ll learn about the latest trends, and how the use of comic content is creating innovative new media and art forms, as well as generating exciting new opportunities around the globe. Best of all, you’ll hear it all  from veteran creative and management executives who helped reshape today’s comic business, as well as young professionals who have only recently entered the business.

By the end of this year’s Breaking In Spotlight on Comics, you’ll have an expert’s understanding of the current state of the industry, key challenges and opportunities its leaders are facing, and most important, of all, the personal insights of working professionals about choosing, preparing for, and ultimately, “breaking into” your own career in comics.

Topics to be covered:

  • What are comics in the digital age?
  • Is a career in comics right for you?
  • What are the key career paths to choose from?
  • Which parts of comics offers the best rewards?
  • What skills will you need to succeed in each of them?
  • What type of education and practical experiences will give you the best chance of success?
  • What kind of life and lifestyle can you expect?


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