What You’ll Learn

The first thing Breaking In will teach you is how to distinguish real information from the barrage of hearsay, common wisdom and just plain wrong information that has always circulated around the world of Media & Entertainment. The best way we know how to do that is to tell you exactly what you can expect to get when you take one or more of our Breaking In courses.

#1 A Better sense of Yes and No.
Some smart person once said that the key to a successful life is knowing how to turn Maybe into Yes or No. The faster you decide that a career in Media & Entertainment is a Yes, the faster you can begin preparing for one. On the other hand, the faster you decide that a career in Media & Entertainment is not for you, the less time, energy and money you’ll waste pursing one so that you can redirect your efforts to another field or profession. However you feel about the world of Media & Entertainment when you leave Breaking In, your feelings and opinions will be based in a better understanding of what that world really is and what it might hold for you.

#2 A more focused idea of your personal destination.
Another smart person once said that you have a much better chance of getting somewhere if you know where you want to go. It may have once been possible to graduate from college with almost any type of degree before considering almost any kind of career, but in these volatile and challenging times, that strategy is only for high stakes gamblers. Higher education is about helping you shape your future, but even the best colleges and universities need you to arrive with a solid idea of what kind of life and life’s work you want to pursue. If you decide you want to explore a career in Media & Entertainment, Breaking In will send you home with the tools to make better choices and chart a path to your own, personal destination.

#3 A more defined view of what’s possible.
Confucius is reported to have said, “Study the past if you would define the future”, Einstein added, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” It’s amazing how many sayings basically tell us that it would be great if we could know what will happen in the future. Maybe it gets said so often and in so many ways, by so many smart people, because it’s so very true. When making the choices that shape our lives, nothing is more valuable than experience, because experience is the only way we have of knowing what the future might bring. You won’t meet Confucius or Einstein at Breaking In but you will hear about the real life experiences of accomplished and successful professionals, and that could make all the difference.

#4 A set of tools that will help you make better choices.
Chances are that you’ll leave Breaking In with more questions than you came with, but they’ll be questions you need to ask…and answer…questions that can help direct you to the kind of education, internships and personal experiences you’re going to need. Best of all, you’ll take with you a whole new understanding of the universe of Media & Entertainment and where your individual interests, skills and personality might fit into that universe.

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