Introducing Breaking In!
The groundbreaking seminar that brings you face-to-face with working professionals to explore careers in Media & Entertainment

Every time you use your mobile device…download music…watch your favorite sports or shows…share photos…or just stay in touch with friends…you help create and sustain hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Media & Entertainment business. Jobs that generate the content you enjoy and make it available on an ever growing number of tech platforms. Jobs that keep the colossus we know as Media & Entertainment thriving and expanding, all around the world.

Whether its traditional media, like magazines, books and newspapers, or digitally delivered content, the Media & Entertainment business takes up an ever growing space in all of our lives. And as that space grows it creates exciting and rewarding opportunities that you need to know about if you’re considering a Media & Entertainment career.

The challenge is that because the business changes almost daily, there are very few well defined career paths to follow. That’s why it’s critical that you figure out where you want to focus your efforts before you choose a college or a course of study, and as simple as that may sound, it’s never been harder to do. The explosion of new technology and new forms of entertainment have made it almost impossible to know which segments of global Media & Entertainment are growing, declining or getting ready to be born.

That’s why we created Breaking In, the first program designed to let you hear directly from young men and women, not much older than you, who have already found their own careers in Media & Entertainment.College is one of the biggest investments of time and money that you and your family will ever make. If you’re considering a career in any aspect of Media & Entertainment you owe it to yourself to know everything you can possibly know about it before you make the decisions that will shape the rest of  your life.

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