For Parents

For the first time in modern history the cost of higher education, and the difficulty so many graduates have finding jobs, has raised serious doubts about the economic value of a college degree. At the same time, the right education and preparation have never been more necessary to Break In to the elite professions of Media & Entertainment.

The world has changed, and the cost of an education is only the tip of the global iceberg. The explosion of cable, satellite, the internet and mobile technology have altered the landscape for Media & Entertainment as certainly as the meteor that changed the world for the dinosaurs. And unlike the changes that came before, the effects of which lasted decades, the changes brought about by technology and the social trends it inspires are rapid and convulsive.

The lightning speed at which they take place makes it critical for parents and students to make the right choices as they face some of the most important decisions of their young lives: what to study, and where to study it. For most Americans, aside from buying a home, the cost of college is the largest investment they will ever make, and it has never been more important to approach these choices in a directed and informed way that offers the best possible chance of making your investment count.

That’s why we created Breaking In, an intensive, three-day program designed to give students, and parents, a real understanding of how the Media & Entertainment business works…what kind of jobs it contains…and most important, what type of education, internships and personal preparation will provide the best possible chance of gaining entry and succeeding when you do.

Once someone knows where they want to go, we believe the best way to get there is to follow in the footsteps of those who have already arrived. That’s why at each Breaking In seminar, in addition to our Senior Faculty, students will hear directly from young industry professionals about how they prepared for their careers and found their own Media & Entertainment jobs. They’ll also hear what kind of work they do, what kind of lives and lifestyles they live, how much they might earn and what kind of job security and stability they can expect from the thousands of career paths that populate the Media & Entertainment landscape.

We all want to give our children the tools and resources necessary to create successful and rewarding careers and lives. In these rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain times, there are few things you can do for them that will have more lasting impact and value than this program. Join us at Breaking In!