Our Courses

The cornerstone of this year’s Breaking In program is our highly recommended Overview of Media & Entertainment Overview, with a special focus on Marketing and Brand Development. In it, you’ll learn how the Media & Entertainment business is structured, how its individual parts interact and how they are all held together by brands and how they’re marketed.

While not a prerequisite to participating in our more focused Spotlight series, the information you’ll acquire in this segment will be an invaluable frame of reference with which to better understand the challenges and rewards of a career in the global Media & Entertainment business.

You’ll hear from marketing professionals about how to manage and grow a media brand, what kinds of personalities and skills are best suited to different Media & Entertainment specialties, and what kinds of preparation and sacrifices those careers require. Once you do, you’ll be much better able to evaluate the hundreds of different career paths offered by News, sports, financial information, or general entertainment, and all of the ways they get delivered.

In addition to our Media & Entertainment Industry Overview, Breaking In is offering three different, specialized, spotlight one-day segments to choose from:

Industry Overview
Spotlight on Publishing
Spotlight on Advertising
Spotlight on Comics

Depending on students interests or curiosity, they may choose to attend one or more of the Breaking In course offerings. You can find out more about each by clicking on their individual pages.

1 Day Industry Overview – $550 per day
1 Day Spotlight Course – $550 per day

Any two consecutive days of events – $550 per day ($1,100 total charge – overnight accommodations included*)

Any three consecutive days of events – $550 per day ($1,650 total charge – overnight accommodations included*)

*Students who choose 2 or more sessions will be given overnight, dorm and meal accommodations on the Simon’s Rock campus at no charge.