Nick Mandarano

I’m a rising sophomore at Saint Joseph’s University majoring in mathematics and potentially minoring in sports marketing with a strong interest in communications.

I first discovered my passion for sports broadcasting and sports journalism through a weekly podcast I started my freshman year of high school. Stephen A. Smith, a sports journalism hero of mine, once told me that journalism is the best way to earn a credible voice, and that’s what I want.

I now host a weekly sports show called Hawk Talk on Saint Joseph’s University’s school radio station. Additionally, I co-host another local college radio sports show called Mustang Madness and a baseball podcast called Clean-Up Hitters.

I’ve written for several outlets in the past few years such as, my high school newspaper, and Currently, I am writing for a new blog some friends and I have just launched and I will begin to write for a Phillies site called within the next few weeks.

I want to break into the world of sports in some fashion as a career, but I’d love to do it as a journalist. I adore the aspect of interacting and connecting with strangers over a common passion, in this case sports. I can’t pinpoint exactly where I’d like to be career-wise in the future. Simply though, I want the credible voice Smith mentioned.
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