Peter Bruvik

Sports Marketing, Writing & Journalism

I am not sure if I can pinpoint exactly what I would like to do with my life.

My career goals are varied and ambitious, and I seem to be adding more and more to the list every single day. For starters, I would love to pen a series of science fiction novels, which becomes both critically and commercially successful.

However, even though books are my first and greatest passion, I am torn between both television and film as a close second. I would find myself ecstatic, if my profession was to get paid to watch T.V., and write my opinions about it for a website.

In that same vein, to be a film critic, actively expressing my thoughts and feelings about a movie, on an open forum, in which the viewer’s decide whether or not I contributed to the overall experience, would certainly fill me with an immense gratification.

If I were to pursue a completely different area, that still utilized my talents to their utmost, and decided to write or talk about sports for a living, I can’t imagine that I would be unhappy with that either.

Frankly, in my wildest dreams, owning any professional sports team, looks to me to be the coolest job anyone could ever have. I may not know specifically, what I want out of a career, but I know that my path to success lies within following my passions and exploring my talents. I know that I don’t want any old boring office job, where I can make a sufficient salary, but I dread coming to work every day.

Ultimately, I want to love what I do, and I don’t care how many times I may “fail” along the way in order to achieve my dreams.